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300+ Pages of Interview Questions

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Behavioural & Fit

Make sure you are a strong organizational fit with the company’s core values


Test your understanding of critical accounting concepts and their impact on investments

Discounted Cash Flow

Test your understanding of levered and unlevered discounted cash flow models

Leveraged Buyouts

Review leveraged buyouts concepts, including LBO modeling and IRR calculations

Market Knowledge

Questions about stock pitches, market forecasts, the IB deal process


Practice concepts like intrinsic value and relative valuation metrics

Mergers & Acquisitions

Review M&A concepts, including accretion / dilution calculations and merger models


Covers consulting style questions that are sometimes asked in finance interviews

Sample Questions.

M&A - Accretive Deals

If a company trades at a forward PE of X, and acquires a company trading at a forward PE 0.5X. Assuming the deal is 100% stock-for-stock, and the offer includes a 10% premium, will the deal be accretive?

Answer - Accretive Deals

Yes, it will be accretive. By definition, 100% stock deals are always accretive if the acquirer’s PE is higher than target’s.

The 10% premium on the purchase price here is meant to confuse the analyst being interviewed. In fact, even if we increase the target’s PE by 10% (target PE * 1.10), the target’s PE is still below the acquirer’s.

Corp Finance - Asset FMV

A company acquired equipment for $7 million in 2018 and has since depreciated the asset by $4 million. Moreover, the equipment currently has a fair market value of $10 million.

Assuming GAAP, what is the current value of that equipment on the company’s balance sheet?

Answer - Asset FMV

The current value on the balance sheet is $3 million ($7 million acquisition price minus the $4 million in total accumulated depreciation to this day.

In this question, the $10 million fair market value adds some complexity. Although the asset has a certain market value, the company needs to carry the asset on its balance sheet at historical cost (cost – accumulated depreciation).

NOTE: The above answer mostly applies for US interviews. However, internationally and under IFRS standards, it is permitted to reevaluate assets to their fair market value.

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